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The CEO Resources Forum, provides its member CEOs with a confidential, peer environment for discussing key organizational and leadership issues and for developing solutions and action plans to address these issues.

Each Forum group is limited to ten CEOs. Members are selected from non-competing companies to ensure that existing business relationships do not interfere with the frank and honest exchange required for the program’s full success.

During each half-day monthly meeting, members will often be joined by a guest speaker who is a recognized resource in an area of interest to the group. This portion of the program provides members with specific information and tools that can be implemented in their companies. Meetings also include a roundtable discussion focusing on issues currently facing members.

In addition to these meetings, the Forum Chair meets individually with each member, a number of times a year, in order to understand the areas of interest and specific needs of each member. Company issues are identified which helps to better prepare the member for participation in the Forum. Often these meetings trigger action items that improve the effectiveness of the member’s organization.

How Do I Become Involved?

Membership in the Forum is by invitation. In order to be considered for membership an interested CEO meets with the Forum Chair to discuss his or her interests and company situation. The prospective CEO is then invited to attend a Forum meeting, after which an invitation to join the Forum may be extended. For more information, contact Tom Sherwin, Forum Chair and President & CEO of CEO Resources, Inc., at 508-877-2775 or